The Cyber Sense Cast (of literally 1,000s)

“If cyber safety be the food of academic freedom, secure on, Give me excess of it; that surfeiting, The phishing may sicken, and so die”

– William Shakespeare; but probably not…

Just like a well performed theatre show, everyone has their role to play in ANU’s cyber security and needs to work in concert with each other to secure the ANU environment.

On this page we will lay out the dramatis personae for ANU’s Cyber Sense show.

Our lead actor… you!

You are the star of the Cyber Sense show.

Why? Because ANU achieves world class feats due to its amazing community; a community worth protecting. Every member of the ANU community contributes to or enables the production and delivery of our world class research and learning outcomes.

You have a starring role in the protection of ANU, as you are in charge of your own cyber sense. What you do matters, not only for you, but for the whole ANU community.

Meet the Supporting Cast

Every star performer is bolstered by wide array of supports – and this is true in the Cyber Sense Team. Here are some of those supporting cyber security across ANU: helping us all strengthen our Cyber Sense.

  1. The Producers - The Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor

    They have been ardent supporters and drivers for securing ANU’s environment; so much so that they are making cameos in Cyber Sense training materials.

  2. The Executive Producers - Council & Senior Managers

    The ANU senior decision makers are working hard to ensure that the venue is booked, and the resources and support are there.

  3. The Director – Chief Information Security Officer

    Responsible for the overall vision and artistic direction of ANU’s Cyber Security production. They map out scenes for us all – the stars – to improvise and play out.

  4. The Set Designers - Systems & Network Architects

    A great play and performance are made spectacular by skilled and innovative set design. These folks are responsible for the design and implementation of ANU wide secure systems and networks – setting the stage to ensure that our best efforts to protect ourselves are backed and enhanced by baked-in security.

  5. The Theatre Techs - Systems & Network Administrators

    Every play needs to be lit properly and be heard. Our Administrators keep the (spot) lights on and the show going. The cyber security machinery needs to be tended, maintained and adapted - to keep our network and machines up to date and well oiled.

  6. The Ushers - Security Analysts & Responders

    It is a sad reality that some people in an audience don’t know how to behave. Alas, the same is true in the online realm. Our Security Analysts are on the lookout for those in the wider world who seek to exploit and disrupt our community. Once found, they swoop in to help us all get back to our core business and as quickly and smoothly as possible. The show must go on!

  7. The Stage Managers - ANU's Service Desk

    ANU's cyber stage managers – they ensure that incidents are recorded and acted on quickly, so that our whole community is able to concentrate on their core roles.

  8. The Playwrites - Policy & Governance

    A play is nothing without good writing and stage directions – our Policy and Governance people are working hard to provide us all with the information and guidance we need to perform at our best.

  9. The Comic Relief - Education & Outreach

    Every play needs some comic relief. With a mix of humour and candour, these folk get the important messages and knowledge out into the community.