ANU Passwordless Authentication

What you will see when logging in after passwordless arrives.

Quick Information

A guide to set up passwordless can be found on the ANU Service Now portal.

A more comprehensive set of Passwordless Frequently Asked Questions is available here.

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SSO/Cipherise Outage - 15th September

During the morning of Thursday 15th September users began reporting that they were not able to access services where authentication was managed by ANU’s SSO.

This occurred after the Cipherise/SSO integration had been turned on the afternoon of the day before. Staff on managed machines may not have noticed the outage, but staff and (especially) students on non-ANU/unmanaged devices would not have been able to log into services like Service Now, Wattle or other SSO enabled services.

So what happened?

The infrastructure on which the Cipherise application is running unexpectedly failed – causing the Cipherise and SSO to stop working. The integration was rolled back returning SSO to username and password only.

While it does not alleviate the inconvenience experienced by users during Thursday’s outage, it is important to note that this was an infrastructure problem, not a glitch in the Cipherise software or app.

What happens next?

The root cause has been determined and actions being taken to fix it. Importantly the integration will not be attempted again until after the mid-semester exams.

Passwordless Authentication enrolment has opened for early adopters and beta-testers.

See links above for more information on how to join the passwordless revolution!
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Imcorrect passwords be gone!

Town Hall - Got questions? We've got answers!

On Thursday, 2 June 2022 the Information Security Office held a Passwordless Town Hall to introduce and explain the project: its rationale, structure, roll-out/transition model and to answer the great questions raised by the ANU community.

The session was recorded and be accessed here: Passwordless Town Hall - 2 June 2022 (ANU logon required).

There is also a transcript of the town hall.