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Welcome to Cyber Sense, the ANU community's hub for learning and seeking help to live safely online.

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Threat Counter

Number of attacks against the ANU networks and systems that were detected and stopped.


The counter shows the scale of the threat against the ANU and our network.

Every minute of every day malicious individuals, organisations and state-based actors are seeking to undermine our academic freedoms, steal our world-leading research, and harvest sensitive personal information of our community members.

Keep browsing this website to understand the simple steps that each of us can and should take to protect ourselves and our ANU community.

Chancellor, Chris R and VCWelcome to Cyber Sense Training

Meet Chris – she’s a comedian, who is going to walk you through the Cyber Sense training program.

What does she know about cyber safety? Nothing.

So strap in, this isn’t your regular training video.

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We're all in this together

Our university is a community where big ideas are developed, contested, improved and shared. We do these things in the pursuit of our common goal: academic excellence. ANU has achieved and continues to pursue academic excellence through the core principle of academic freedom.

Like all important ideals, academic freedom must be actively nurtured and protected. For the ANU community, this means safeguarding our identities, our research, our data, our reputations and our platforms.

The ANU has dedicated staff ensuring our systems are as secure as can be and our network borders are patrolled: but our defences are strongest when we are all vigilant and implement simple steps to live safely online.

Cyber safety impacts all of us and the ANU community needs everyone to do their best to improve their Cyber Sense. For, when our cyber sense is strong, we are able to protect ourselves and our colleagues.

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If you suspect you have been attacked, the ANU Cyber Sense community is here to help. Follow the link above for information on how to confirm, report and recover from your cyber attack.